• Alcohol of any kind is not permitted in The Home Depot Backyard, unless otherwise noted for a special event.
    • Alcohol is permitted for Atlanta United and Atlanta Falcons tailgating.


    • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
    • Pet owners must pick up and dispose of pet waste in proper containers.
    • Certified and leashed service animals are permitted in The Home Depot Backyard during events and tailgating.


    • Guests may bring hand-held still-photo or video cameras into The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Should you be attending an event inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, please note the camera and video equipment restrictions prior to entry.
    • Personal photography does not require special permissions. This includes use of handheld equipment or a tripod.
    • In order to film or photograph in The Home Depot Backyard for commercial purposes of any kind, you must obtain written approval from park administration. Please contact us via email at should you want to submit a request.


    • Special events may be held in the park only upon obtaining an event agreement from The Home Depot Backyard administration. For more information, inquiry forms and event guide, please visit our Event Planning Page.
    • Organized ballgames, family reunions, or assemblies are not permitted.


    • Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought into the park at your leisure on non-event days.
    • Excessive or underage alcohol consumption will not be tolerated. Games or activities determined by security to be harmful to fans will not be allowed.
    • Glass containers are not permitted for safety purposes.
    • Sale of food or beverage items is prohibited. The Home Depot Backyard park administration must authorize all vending or sale of merchandise in the park.
    • Advertising/sale of goods and services is not permitted.


    • The Home Depot Backyard will be open from dawn until dusk, unless otherwise noted for special events.
    • Please note that the park may be closed at various times throughout the year for maintenance, special events, or weather-related events – visit our Things To Do page to see which dates the park will be closed.


    • Lost persons should be escorted to the nearest park staff member or security officer immediately.
    • Guests looking to claim or report lost items or persons should do so by speaking with a guest services/security representative. Found items should be taken to the nearest staff member on-site.
      • Lost & Found
        • 470-341-5673 (Event Day)
        • 470-341-5678 (Non-Event Day)


    • Radios and all other personal listening devices shall not unreasonably disturb other users of the park or those occupying surrounding buildings and properties.
    • Portable public-address systems are not permitted.
    • Should you decide to play music, please ensure that it is suitable for a public setting (i.e. no profanity in lyrics).



    • Free parking is provided for fitness participants in Mercedes-Benz Lot. Visit our “Plan a Visit” page for lot information and directions, and our Things To Do page for the fitness schedule.
    • For events at The Home Depot Backyard, guests may purchase passes in advance via



    • There are currently no electric vehicle charging stations within The Home Depot Backyard. Guests in need of this should proceed to the Mercedes-Benz Lot, Red Deck, Gold Deck or Silver lot as these areas are all equipped with a limited number of charging stations. *Note that guests must pre-purchase a pass in order to access any of these parking decks/lots during event days.



    • Oversized vehicles are not allowed in The Home Depot Backyard. RVs, buses, trailers and similar vehicles are not permitted.
    • Non-licensed motorized vehicles are prohibited. Golf carts, segways, skateboards, hoverboards and other non-licensed motorized vehicles are not permitted to be operated within The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Use of motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts, and similar equipment must be approved by park administration.
    • Bicycles and non-motorized scooters are allowed within The Home Depot Backyard, on non-event days only, but must remain on authorized walkways. Safety gear is strongly recommended when operating these devices.
    • Bike racks are available for your use on-site, however any bicycle or scooter left overnight will be removed from premises.
    • Radio-controlled model aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems and other similar devices (i.e. drones) are prohibited. Possession or operation of such devices will result in immediate ejection from the area, confiscation of all such devices and potential law enforcement intervention.


    The Home Depot Backyard guidelines prohibit the following:

    • Entering the park after the hours posted, unless otherwise noted for a special event.
    • Drug and/or alcohol use. This includes intoxication or other signs of impairment related to drug or alcohol consumption.
    • Organized team sports, unless pre-approved by park administration.
    • Performances and/or commercial activity.
    • Camping, campfires.
    • Use of abusive, foul or disruptive language or obscene gestures.
    • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.
    • Use of tobacco products of any form, including e-cigarettes.
    • Ticket scalping.
    • Trespassing, soliciting, loitering, panhandling.
    • Rummaging in trash receptacles.
    • Standing on chairs or seat walls.
    • Glass containers and alcoholic beverages, unless otherwise noted for a special event.
    • Pyrotechnics or any other item or action deemed dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful.
    • Glitter and confetti of any kind.
    • Feeding any animals, including birds.
    • Amplified music that disturbs others.
    • Obstructing park entrances.
    • Use of plastic tarps on the lawns.
    • Barbecuing or cooking in the park, except during gamedays.
    • Erecting tents or other enclosures, except during gamedays.
    • Inserting flags, poles or stakes of any kind into the ground. All tents must be secured using alternative means (e.g., water barrels, bollards). Any tent that will be placed on sidewalks or bricks must have rubber tips or wood under the footings to protect the hardscape.
    • Use of large beach umbrellas.
    • Use or possession of portable public-address systems of any kind.
    • Distribution or affixation of adhesive-backed decals and stickers.
    • Removal and/or repositioning of benches, planters, furniture, and other on-site features. The Home Depot Backyard personnel shall handle any movement of on-site equipment for event or operational purposes.
    • Defying directions from park staff.
    • Unauthorized solicitation or commercial promotion within The Home Depot Backyard. Disregard of this policy may result in confiscation of promotional materials, citation, ejection or arrest.

    Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest guest service/security representative.


    • Restrooms are located in The Home Depot Backyard along the South side of the park, closest to The Home Depot Pavilion. There are (4) stalls per gender.
    • Restrooms are ADA accessible and equipped with a baby-changing table.


    • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of The Home Depot Backyard (this includes all smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaporizers).
    • Violators of this policy may be asked to leave the premises.


    • Tailgating before game day events is allowed in The Home Depot Backyard, with a valid parking pass for event day.
    • Vehicles may take up only one parking space, and tailgating equipment may not extend beyond the parking space, or impede vehicles driving through the lot.
    • Grills, chairs, coolers and other equipment may not take up a parking space. Tailgating is confined to the area directly behind the vehicle.
    • Adjacent landscaped areas are common areas and may not be claimed exclusively.
    • Please dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles.



    • The safety of all visitors in The Home Depot Backyard is of primary concern. Any unsafe condition or activity should be reported immediately to park staff or on-site security.
    • Hazardous work areas are defined as any area on the premises where maintenance or event-related equipment is being handled, services areas, park operations building, etc. Please note posted signage restricting access, as security will be strictly enforced.
    • During non-event days, you can locate a first aid kit near The Home Depot Backyard restrooms. For events, the locations(s) of first aid stations and AED’s will vary – please check with a guest service/security representative should you need assistance on-site.



    • The Mercedes-Benz Stadium security office is open 24 hours for the facility perimeter, parking areas, exterior grounds, interior public areas and people movement within these areas and for emergency response.
    • In the event of any crime, medical or other emergency condition, please dial 911.
    • In the event of an emergency, (e.g. fire, bomb threat, criminal activity, severe weather), security will notify park staff immediately. Public notices affecting park hours will be posted online at
    • Any conduct detrimental to the safe and proper operation of an event, abusive language, threats, assault, vandalism and all other inappropriate actions will result in immediate removal from the premises or arrest and prosecution as appropriate.



    • Access to areas of The Home Depot backyard identified as restricted area by signage, video or audio message, barriers and fences, or by the presence of security personnel shall be denied to unauthorized guests.
    • Unauthorized persons entering these areas shall be warned and asked to leave the area. Failure to comply shall subject the person to ejection and possible arrest.



    • In an effort to support Mercedes-Benz Stadium in achieving zero waste, please place all plastic and aluminum bottles and cans in the recycling containers throughout The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Every year, over $70 million of aluminum ends up in Georgia landfills. Let’s make sure we all do our part to make Georgia a great place to live, work, and play now and for future generations.



    • Your help in keeping our greenspace clean for all to enjoy is greatly appreciated. All waste should be placed in either trash receptacles or recycle bins. Rummaging in trash receptacles is prohibited.



    One of the great traditions of games, matches and concerts held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (each, the “Event”) is enjoying time together with family, friends and other fans before each Event. Tailgating in The Home Depot Backyard areas, where permitted, is intended for event day ticket holders only. Preparing a pre-event meal, sharing stories from past events and taking in the excitement are some of the accepted tailgating practices prior to an event. Excessive consumption of alcohol and playing music at a volume disruptive to other fans are some examples of activities not permitted. Tailgating activities are required to end 30 minutes after the start time of the event. All fans are reminded that the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Code of Conduct extends throughout The Home Depot Backyard and all controlled event day parking areas.


    The Mercedes-Benz Stadium Code of Conduct will be enforced throughout The Home Depot Backyard. Along with season tickets and other event tickets, parking hangtags can and will be revoked for non-compliance of Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking regulations and/or Code of Conduct.

    If you require assistance or wish to report violations of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Code of Conduct, please contact:

    Game Day Hotline: (470) 341 – 5020

    Text Message Hotline: Text “RESPECT <SPACE> <Detail Issue and Location>” to 69050

    *Standard message and data rates may apply.


    • Opens 4.5 hours prior to event – This applies to both vehicles and fans. Please follow the direction of law enforcement as vehicles cannot stage on or block the flow of traffic on city streets prior to the opening of The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Tailgating permitted up to 30 minutes after Event start – Fans are asked to proceed to the event within 30 minutes of the event starting time. Thereafter, up to 4 people may stay in the specific tailgate spot in The Home Depot Backyard in order to maintain the security and safety of their equipment. However, security reserves the right to remove guests during the event if they are not adhering to the code of conduct.
    • Lot closes two (2) hours after conclusion of Event – for evening events, tailgating activities must conclude no later than midnight. Fans and their vehicles must exit the lot at closing time.


    • Vehicles are not allowed to park overnight at any time. Any vehicles left overnight will be towed at owner’s expense.
    • One (1) space per hangtag – Vehicles taking more than one parking space or parked incorrectly will be subject to tow. All fees associated with the removal and impounding of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner.
    • Oversized vehicles are not allowed in The Home Depot Backyard – RVs, Buses, Trailers and similar vehicles are not allowed.
    • “Speed loading of the parking lots” – Fans are asked to follow the direction of the parking team member to quickly park your vehicle. Vehicles that, do not park in a location instructed by parking team member, upon request, are subject to tow. All fees associated with the removal and impounding of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner.
    • No reserved spaces – Fans that wish to park next to friends must arrive at the parking entrance at the same time i.e., following one another. Parking spots cannot be reserved or saved for family and/or friends arriving at a later time. Fans are not allowed to rope off or reserve large tailgate areas.
    • Tailgating spaces – Tailgating in The Home Depot Backyard must be limited to the area directly in front of or behind the vehicle as marked for each such space. Tailgating in empty stalls is prohibited, even with an unused parking pass. Tailgating equipment, such as chairs, tents, propane/ natural gas grills and other items, cannot extend beyond the fire lanes for vehicles or sidewalks.
    • No liability – Cars are parked at owner’s risk. Mercedes-Benz Stadium and its security assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to cars or its contents (including but not limited to tailgating items). Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in plain view.


    • Excessive or Underage alcohol consumption will not be tolerated – Drinking games or any other activity that is linked to competitive or excessive drinking are not permitted. Games or activities determined by security to be harmful to fans will not be allowed.
    • Natural gas or propane grills only no charcoal – For the safety of all fans, charcoal grills, wood stoves, oil fryers, open pit fires and or any other cooking stations or related tools are not permitted in The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Glass containers can only be used for serving – The Home Depot Backyard will serve as a park and recreational facility on non-event days and for safety purposes, the use of glass containers is restricted to serving only. Single serving glass bottles (i.e. beer, wine cooler, soda or any other single serving glass bottle) are prohibited. Glass bottles used for serving (i.e. wine bottles) are allowed.
    • Tent size and weighing – Fans are permitted to bring up to one (1) 10’ by 10’ shade tent per parking space to be used on the grass areas and tailgate spaces within The Home Depot Backyard, weather permitting. So that many fans can enjoy the grass fields, tailgate groups will be limited to one tent. Tents and tailgating equipment used in the parking areas must not extend beyond the fire lanes, along sidewalks and walkways or other areas deemed by stadium staff as an obstruction. For safety reason, tents must be taken down before entering the stadium. It is required that all tents be weighted down to prevent movement, over-turning, etc. as a result of weather and or pedestrian traffic – ABSOLUTELY NO STAKING OF ANY KIND PERMITTED.
    • Sale of food or beverage items is prohibited – Fans are limited to bringing and preparing food for their family and friends. Private catering companies are not allowed in The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Non-licensed motorized vehicles are prohibited – Golf carts, Segways, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, hover boards and other non-licensed motorized vehicles (other than permitted vehicles) are not permitted to be operated within The Home Depot Backyard.
    • Radio controlled model aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems and other similar devices (i.e. drones) are prohibited – Possession or operation of such devices will result in immediate ejection from the area, confiscation of all such devices and potential law enforcement intervention.
    • Portable Public-Address systems are not permitted – Sound systems cannot be used at excessive volume levels or playing music not suitable for a public setting (i.e. profanity in lyrics) as determined by parking lot or security team member.
    • Small portable electric generators (6500W or less) are allowed – but must have plywood or decking must be used as a base to prevent burning the grass. Electrical cords cannot be placed across parking area drive aisles or in areas that would create a hazard for any guests.
    • Advertising/Sale of goods and services is not permitted – Vehicles with exterior advertising are not allowed in the lot even with a valid hangtag or mobile parking pass. Hanging commercial signage on vehicles, tents or by other means is also not permitted and may result in removal from the lot.

Policies and procedures are subject to change | Effective: September 1, 2018